About Us

Clear Concepts is the only HR and Benefits Consulting firm devoted exclusively to Georgia School Systems. We have a deep understanding of your goals and are structured to help you meet them!

Clear Concepts consultants have deep experience in school system human resources, mission and strategy development, business process re-engineering, technology applications and implementation, employee education, compliance, benefits management and more.

Founded by Eric Kiesshauer in 1999, Clear Concepts employs the advanced strategies of larger, private sector corporations and makes them practical and affordable to Georgia public school systems.
Our Leadership
Eric Kiesshauer - President, Founder
Eric founded Clear Concepts in 1999. Prior to that, he spent 25+ years consulting with large corporate and public-sector clients on all aspects of human resources and employee benefits. Eric has managed "full-spectrum" consulting offices for several of the largest human resources consulting firms in the U.S., primarily Johnson & Higgins/A. Foster Higgins and William M. Mercer. He was also Executive Vice President at Northern Trust Retirement Consulting. He founded CCCG with the idea to provide large consulting firm services, typically only affordable to Fortune 500 companies, to public school systems that couldn't afford those services before. Eric’s primary client responsibilities include strategic objective setting, benefits plan design and bidding, employee education, cost containment, and retirement plan consulting. Clark Howard is one of Eric’s heroes. Costco is his favorite place to shop. So if you think you’d like to work with someone who will always watch out for you – he’s your guy.

Ali Stinson - Executive Vice President, Partner
Ali joined Clear Concepts in 2007. Ali’s primary responsibilities for school system clients include HR technology implementation and customization, process improvement, employee communications, recruitment program design, HR training and support, hiring manager training, interview design, and ACA compliance support. Prior to joining Clear Concepts, she worked in management consulting and before that spent more than 10 years working for large technology firms. She has a BA from Furman University and an MBA from Georgia State. Ali is fun to work with and you can count on her always telling it like it is. Need to borrow someone's brain to help you think through a tough HR or technology problem? Ali's is always available.
Our Mission
Clear Concepts’ mission is:
  • To help school systems attract a higher level of candidate and more of them
  • To help you select only the very best
  • To help validate their decision to come to work for you
  • To continuously re-affirm their reasons to stay
  • And to help you remain constantly in compliance
Everything we do is in the best interest of our clients.

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